About Us

Over the past 18 years, Beyond Designs has been elevating spaces with their luxurious, richly layered and sumptuously furnished interiors. Founder Sachin Gupta and wife Neha have developed a unique and one-of-a- kind design vocabulary that results in highly individualistic and exquisitely finished residential projects, many of them for well-known personalities.

Sachin’s style is an alchemy of disparate styles, genres and materials culminating in iconic environments. These spaces abound in neutral and enigmatic backgrounds and stand-out foregrounds coming together in harmony. The vibe is predominantly contemporary peppered with ageless aesthetics.

Sachin believes in the maximalist approach by employing scaled up accessories, complex textures and multiple elements leading to spaces that unfold like grand tapestries. He truly makes “more” seem cool and chic.

“With such a rich art and design heritage, it would be foolish to go for a minimal look. Moreover, today’s well- travelled customers would want influences from around the globe to enliven their homes,” says Sachin.

So you will see eclectic influences from around the world, creating new connections with the Indian culture, and merging them with another time and place encouraging an emotional, as well as an aesthetic response in the onlooker.

The brand also specializes in custom-made furniture and has an in-house unit dedicated to soft furnishings, glass and metal works.

A penchant for experimentation, a love of art and antiques, a preference for fusion and an eye for the extraordinary may have drawn Sachin and Neha to the world or interior décor and furniture design, but what keeps them going strong is the passion they bring to the table.

A year ago, BeyondDesigns launched its New Flagship Store at Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road. The brand has also launched Beyond Designs Home, its new accessory brand along with their entry into hospitality with the launch of Café We, a multi-cuisine café serving world flavors. The factory which bestows shapes to all the visionary ideas is located in Sultanpur as well.

The boutique retails high-end furniture pieces with use of exquisite materials like stone, mirror, metal, crystals, semi precious inlay, gold and silver leaf etc. The collection oozes a fusion theme, a perfect amalgam of the old world charm with the contemporary finesse.br
According to Sachin and Neha, “Customers today are well aware of the look they want for their homes and about what they wish to achieve with particular style of furniture. We at Beyond Designs work towards translating their dreams into reality by providing a wholesome experience.”